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Session Information

What the Session Fee Includes:

A pre-session consult (via location or phone), talent, equipment, local travel to and from session, premiere viewing session, and individual artistic post-processing of images, including professional creative editing. It does not include prints or print packages. These prices include all shoots within 25 miles of Souderton, PA.

A usual session will last approximately one to two hours, however it could run longer. We will be talking throughout so you will be prepared – they key is to relax and have fun in this process. The session is usually held in the morning or the evening to obtain the best natural light.

( Newborn sessions can last anywhere from one to three hours and will usually be held at a place of the parents choosing. Indoors or out (weather permitting) )

During our time together you can expect that some pictures will be captured in a more traditional fashion, however the majority of the images will be spontaneous and of the moment. When your session is booked, we will discuss location, clothing and the feel that you are envisioning for your session. I lbelieve that these are not your typical portraits. You won’t see any stiff, super-posed pictures to review. My style is not for everyone....and that’s okay. I love capturing real life moments.....emotion, playful, spontaneous, serious and thoughtful. I am always open to new ideas. Feel free to bring any personal or sentimental items with you.


We want to have FUN! We will work together, Mom and Dad, in the beginning, but then please let me lead the way and I will ask if I need help. I like to work at their level and pace. Sometimes, I will pull them away and work one-on-one to get the most spontaneous reactions and away from the pressure of “performing”. If they have a favorite toy, doll or something that they can’t be without...let them bring it! If it is special to them...put it in the picture!! One day you might look back and know that, that item was one of your child’s first loves. Cowboys, super-heros, fairies are all welcome.

It is helpful to have the children get plenty of sleep the night before the session and that nap time isn’t too close to the session. And that everyone is well fed. Nursing breaks, snack breaks, take a break! breaks are welcome and inspired.


The best time for a maternity session is between 30 - 36 weeks. This type of session can be some of the most beautiful pictures ever taken of a woman and I will strive to make you feel comfortable and calm during our time together.


I would be honored to be a part of this special time in your famlies' life. The best time to photograph newborns is between 6 - 12 days old. This is such an overwhelming time for most, so I would like to set up a session before the birth of your baby. We will be able to communicate comfortably what you can expect for your session and check one more thing off your list! For an additional fee, I will also implement, order and deliver your birth announcements to you.

What to Wear

Have your personalities come through in your clothing! Bright spots of color mixed in with the muted tones are great! Fun sweaters, hip jean jackets, fun shoes, great tie (if you want a tie). Instead of having everyone wearing the same shirt or the same pants.....pick one bright color that everyone shares...a belt, a pair of shoes, polka dots on a dress, etc. And if your child doesn’t like to wear a starched button down shirt with tight sleeves, I would recommend they not wear it. Please avoid though, busy patterns, plaids, cartoon characters, big logos, etc. Feel free to bring as many clothing changes as you would like. A child’s umbrella, fun hats, rain boots, etc.... If you have any questions regarding some of the outfits that you think you would like to wear, but aren’t sure if it would be appropriate....give me a call....or just bring it and we will work with it.

The Conclusion

Within 2 - 3 weeks of your photo shoot, you will be able to view 25-35 proofs (or more) from your session. I will set up a private viewing of your photos in the privacy of your home or mine, and there will be an online gallery set up that is password protected. Those images will be available for TEN days, and after that, there will be a republishing fee of $50. You will see your photos in both black and white and color, as well as different artistic processing, as the photographer sees fit.

All of the images ordered from your session will be kept for 6 months from the time of ordering in case you would like more images.


Payment for the session must be paid at the time of booking your date. You have the option of paying via credit card or check, that must be made out to Laura R Folk. Payment for prints and products must be made before order is received. You will have the ability to pay directly for prints and products via paypal in the store attached to your online viewing or cash or check made out to Laura R Folk.


If we need to reschedule, I ask that it please happen within 48 hours of your session. If weather conditions are poor, such as rain, we will need to reschedule. I will work with you to schedule another date for your session as quickly as possible. If someone in your family is ill, please don't try to force the'll show. Again, I will work with you to find another date that will best be suitable.

All images are under copyright for Laura Rossi Photography (L.R.P) and should not be reproduced in any way. Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. Use of L.R.P images without my consent will serve as a violation of copyright.